What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows doctors and patients to communicate remotely using online tools like your PC and Skype. It is approved by Medicare.

Online Consultations Can Save You Time

Our practice understands that it is not always easy to travel to see us, so in certain circumstances, we can offer ‘remote patients’ an online consultation. This is usually more suited to follow-up consultations. For initial
consultations we generally recommend a face-to-face meeting.

Easy to Setup

If you have a computer with camera, microphone, speakers and a reasonable internet connection, you have all that you
need. If you don’t have a Skype account get one here Skype is free and easy to setup. Please test your Skype works using Link

Make an Appointment

Call our practice and we will

  • Arrange a Telehealth appointment date and time
  • Tell you the doctor’s Skype name
  • Ask you for your Skype name


A few minutes before the appointment time you should do as follows:

  • Open Skype on you computer
  • Go to Contacts and select Add Contact
  • Search for doctors Skype name using Find option
  • Send a Contact Request – Please add me as a contact message
  • Once request accepted your Telehealth call can begin.

Please ensure when you prepare to talk that your environment is relatively quiet and private.


Dr Baker’s Privacy Policy

Vascular Surgery WA complies with the Privacy Act (2001) and as part of their Privacy Policy, they are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and their personal information. The purpose of collecting personal information is to provide quality medical and health related services and associated account keeping. Patients have the right to request access to their own information except where access would be denied. Vascular Surgery WA and Dr Baker make every effort to manage information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles and keep records up to date and accurate. Patients may withdraw consent for Vascular Surgery WA to use and disclose personal information (except when legal obligations must be met).

Agreeing to Vascular Surgery WA and Dr Baker’s Privacy Policy indicates that consent is given to:

  • Dr Baker collecting, using, storing and disposing of personal information.
  • The release of relevant personal information to other health professionals (e.g. Specialists, etc.).
  • In the case of a work related consultation or service, the release of relevant personal information to an employer, their authorised representative, and their insurer.